Unibloc acquires UK’s Flotronic Pumps

US optimistic displacement pump company Unibloc Pump has bought Flotronic Pumps, a UK-based manufacturer of specialised, air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps and accessories.
Founded in 1990, Flotronic Pumps invented the ‘One Nut’ AODD pump. The pioneering single bolt design reduces course of downtime by simplifying pump assembly/disassembly, providing financial savings in upkeep costs.
Unibloc Pump chief executive officer Chris Stevens will join the Flotronic Pumps leadership group as CEO.
“This acquisition is a perfect hand-in-glove fit for Unibloc Pump,” said Stevens. “Unibloc Pump and Flotronic Pumps are able to drive accelerated growth by offering customers merchandise and options fueled by our passions for innovation, safety and ease in upkeep to keep away from downtime and increase efficiencies.”
“Important to this acquisition is that both corporations share complementary market footprints,” said Flotronics owner Stuart Whitehouse. “The mixture will enable Unibloc Pump to develop its UK and European business, whereas also giving Flotronic Pumps an unmatched North American foothold. เครื่องมือที่ใช้วัดความดัน ought to pay off in higher market protection and increased general value delivered to the shopper.”

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